Out of Body Experience

It was early morning. Sun had just came out from its black blanket. 

I lied down after giving self Lama Fera healing. My eyes were closed. And then it happened. I could see the things in my room while my eyes were closed. Very clearly there was the fridge on my left and empty space on my right. I knew this was the moment.....

Last time in similar situation I had tried to move myself up outside the body, and had to put effort to raise myself up from abdomen part. So this time I just nudged myself to right in the empty space. And wow I was out without effort. Tried to move myself up and down the room..... Little explorations outside and then thought of my birthplace..... I reached there as if crossing a black river, but could not stay there at all, was instantly brought back in body. 

And then there was a film projection in front of me showing something happening.... could not recall most of it execpt that there was a mention of some Earthquake about to happen......


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