Empathy and psychic protection

Empathy is the ability of a person to be able to feel others persons pain, hurt, emotions etc. I guess growth of empathy is a natural outcome of growing healing powers.

Being a practicing healer, I have developed strong empathy for others emotions, so much so that sometimes it becomes difficult to remain calm. Their anger, their frustration, their scheming plots, and all the evil thoughts going on in others mind were affecting me, I was feeling every inch of it. This had been affecting my emotional well being. And in the profession I am, it was becoming detrimental.

So today I decided to protect myself from the emotional outbreaks of others. I asked for the guidance, and I was guided to use rose quartz. The effect was wonderful.

In the first morning class, the students were same, but I did not for once felt frustration and anger. Then in the meeting, despite the presence of same hyperactive Principal, my emotional state was calm, and it was possible for me to tell her to move forward rather than brooding on what is not done.

And even wonderful was the event in office, some person (let me call him A) started shouting on me in English that he is very busy and cannot do work, his anger did not transferred on me, I remained calm and got the work done by other person.

And yes one more aspect was there, in office people try to hurt your ego, to boost themselves. Though I never had a big ego, but in front of these special two person (let us call them B and C) I used to feel as if my ego is bruised. And today again they did something against what I said, and still I did not felt the ego hurt.

It was as if I have a shield, a balance, Rose quartz did not made me ignorant to others emotions, but gave me a stability, that the rush of those emotions do not sway me off.


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