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"Our faith is so fragile. one small obstruction in the path and we start questioning him."

When the life is running smooth, we are getting what we desire, it is easy to say, I have faith in God. I surrender to him completely. 
So, when, I have friends, I have good health, I have good job, life is sailing smooth. Then God is great, he looks after his people.. and so on.
But the moment, life brings the moment of struggle, we ask, why me God? Why me? What have I done wrong?
So, when I lose friends/family, I am suffering from life threatening disease, I have no penny to eat next meal.... God is not just, there is no God, God only listens to rich and might!!!
Is this a real faith?
Real faith is the firm faith, that no matter what, God loves me and is looking after me in the best manner possible.