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Pain why is it there?

As I see around in the world I find people suffering in pain... And I always wondered why the pain is there.
The first answer I got was: Karma, we are responsible for our pain, our sufferings. It is direct outcome of actions we do during this lifetime or previous lifetimes. The most interesting part of this Karma is that even the best of us do not recognize when we do bad karma. In the name of convenience, circumstance or simply by inaction we become instrument of this bad karma.
The answer was satisfactory and for years I was happy with this answer....
And then I experienced the pain of an evolved soul...  It was simply beyond my comprehension why an evolved soul chooses the pain. Today, I understand, the reason is love. For evolved souls pain of physical body has no significance but they know they can lessen someone else pain by taking it on them, and out of love out of compassion they take the pain on them, happily.
I got this answer years back but understood it only recently....