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Relationship between a Disciple and a Guru

Recent events in India, have forced me to write on this delicate issue. What should be the relationship between a disciple and his/her Guru?

Ask anyone which subject they like most, and 90% of time the answer will be a subject taught by an adult (mostly school/college teacher) whom they adored. If in simple education, the prsence of love between student and teacher strengthens the flow of knowledge between them, then, spiritual knowledge is much more difficult to have, and requires utmost love and dedication of disciple towards their Spiritual teacher/Guru. Don't stop reading here!! I know you are thinking what a crap, but just have a little patience.

When I love the subject, the work I am doing, I give my 100% to it, and spiritual knowledge requires giving more than 100%, yes at times I am surprised when people claim they are spiritual because from 24 hours of their life they give 15 minutes to some pooja, ritual, while they carry on their day as usual... How can y…